Getting fit like The Avengers

Les Mills has announced a new children’s workout to coincide with the release of the latest Marvel Comics film.


Based on the fitness company’s BORN TO MOVE workout, the ‘Move Like The Avengers’ video features characters Thor and Black Widow leading choreographed routines that Les Mills said will have children “sweating and smiling in equal measure”.

The partnership between Les Mills and Marvel has been timed for the release of Avengers: Endgame, which arrives in cinemas on 25 April.

Featuring fitness trainers Diana Archer Mills and Bas Hollander, the “action-packed combat workout” uses live action, music and animated graphics to engage children and use their favourite comic book characters to demonstrate how exercise can be enjoyed as entertainment.

“The music and moves have been carefully choreographed, but getting active and having fun is the number one priority,” said co-presenter and Les Mills creative director Archer Mills.

In a statement, Les Mills said increased activity among young people is the main goal of BORN TO MOVE.

The company added that by using the “proven appeal” of the Marvel characters, it hopes to motivate not only children, but also parents and teachers who are seeking to inspire their families and classes into becoming more physically active.

“Being active and fit benefits everyone in many ways, but it also gives children the confidence to say ‘I can’ – and this is what inspires me,” said BORN TO MOVE creative director Janine Phillips.

“I love giving children the opportunity to realise their potential through physical activity, and ‘Move Like The Avengers’ really delivers on that.”

To find out more and access the workout, click here