The CIMSPA Professional Standards Matrix

The Matrix is a collection of standards documents that outline occupations and job roles within the sport and physical activity sector, by defining what knowledge and skills an individual must understand and demonstrate to undertake a particular role.

These definitions help employers and education specialists stay “on the same page” when outlining what the requirements for a particular job might be, or what a qualification might enable an individual to do.

The CIMSPA Professional Standards Matrix will help develop career pathways for those working within the sector, based on quality assured and CIMSPA-endorsed education products (qualifications, training and CPD).

How the Professional Standards Matrix will work

The Professional Standards Matrix will be used to inform the development of qualifications, further education programmes, degrees, apprenticeships and continuous professional development opportunities. CIMSPA awarding organisation and skills development partners are already creating education and training products against these standards.

Endorsed qualification logo

Endorsed Qualification Logo.png

To identify if a qualification is endorsed against a CIMSPA professional standard, look for this logo on marketing material. CIMSPA awarding organisation partners have already started to align their qualifications against the standards..

For example, If you are a fitness instructor wishing to become a personal trainer, look for this logo on any qualification you are considering starting.

What happens next?

Our first ambition is to complete the CIMSPA Professional Standards Matrix for the sector’s core occupations and most common job roles e.g personal trainers and coaches. Stage 2 will be the creation of professional standards for the population, environment and technical specialisms which will allow you to specialise.

The finished CIMSPA Professional Standards Matrix will provide the sector with:

  • The knowledge and skills required to undertake a specific occupation.
  • The professional standards required to support your career progression.
  • A pathway to change careers to a new occupation, for example from lifeguard to manager.