Professional workforce strategy - what does it mean for you?

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Sport England launched its new professional workforce strategy in mid-September. We’re taking a big-picture look at the strategy today - drilling down on what this means for YOU as a professional working in our sector, or as a student looking for a career in sport and physical activity.

Why has this strategy been created?

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In 2015, the government created its overall UK sport strategy which asked CIMSPA to partner with Sport England to work together to ensure our workforce is ready to take on the challenge of creating an active, healthy nation and a strong society.

The new professional workforce strategy sets out how Sport England, working with CIMSPA and other agencies, will help realise this ambition. The overall vision is simple:

“A skilled, motivated workforce to inspire an active nation”

The plan is to use insight, enhanced leadership, diversity and inclusion, a recognised and respected profession and improved career pathways to achieve the vision.

Key goals

  • 2020: 50% of leaders and and managers will have engaged in CIMSPA-endorsed professional development.

  • 2021: 50% of the workforce will be engaged with CIMSPA-accredited CPD and the the number of CIMSPA employer partners will have doubled.

  • 2021: Every sector training provider is working within the CIMSPA endorsement and quality assurance system.

A skilled, motivated workforce to inspire an active nation.

What does this mean for me?

CIMSPA’s work with Sport England is driving a recognised and respected profession for the sector,

For those already employed in sport and physical activity

  • CIMSPA is working with employers, training providers and universities to make sure that we can help you build a rewarding career.

  • By asking every training provider to become CIMSPA-accredited, we’ll be making sure EVERY piece of training and CPD you do will help advance your personal ambitions.

For students

  • There’s never been a better time to start a career in sport and physical activity. You’ll benefit from a clear career pathway based on professional standards and quality assured training.

  • You will also have low-cost access to CIMSPA membership as soon as you begin work – join us to start your journey to recognition as a chartered professional.

What do I need to do right now?

  • Right now, just understand the culture shift taking place within our working world – continuous personal professional development is now the key to career success and enhancement.

  • Ask your employer to make sure any CPD you do is CIMSPA-recognised – you can check this at

  • Later this year we’ll be providing all CIMSPA members with an all-new online platform which will evolve into the definitive career management tool – demonstrate your professionalism through your verified qualifications, register your CPD and showcase all of this to potential employers and clients.

What about Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

CIMSPA is working closely with the home nations to understand their ambitions for the sector. We are a UK-wide chartered institute and are looking forward to working in partnership with sportscotland, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland to build great careers for the entire sport and physical activity workforce.

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Coming up next…

Look out for a major feature on the professional workforce strategy in the Autumn issue of the CIMSPA membership magazine – S&PA Professional – as well as an interview with outgoing Sport England CEO Jennie Price.