Imagine a world…

The benefits of an expanded, more diverse and more inclusive workforce:

Such a workforce will:

  • Drive better-performing people in successful careers.

  • Improve business performance.

  • Delivers better economic and social outcomes.

  • Presents the nation with the foundations of a great sporting future.

Agreement on a consistent and digitally-led approach to the challenges of duty of care and ensuring a “safe and checked workforce” will realise many benefits:

  • Employers – will be better able to find qualified and competent applicants.

  • Deployers – will have better tools to safeguard against malpractice and ensure legislative compliance with their duty of care responsibilities.

  • Parents, carers and participants – will have an increased confidence in the suitability of coaches and instructors.

  • Education institutions and local authorities – will better understand and effectively police minimum deployment standards.

  • Allied sectors and professions – will gain increased confidence in the sport and physical activity workforce, enhancing partnership working.

How registration and regulation could help the sporting workforce

Pockets of bad practice and scandals in the sporting workforce that have been highlighted in the media are causing reputational damage to the whole sector. Together we need to do more to remove these issues and set quality thresholds. This will ensure the public fully understands the great contribution our workforce and sector makes to society.

Imagine a future whereby there is clear guidance for all of those who want to want to work in our sector – from volunteers through to those with full-time careers.

This guidance will be linked to clearly defined roles in the sector, each with its own “professional standard” outlining the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to undertake that role, and will provide pathways to either excelling in that role or identifying how to move on to other roles in the sector.

Supporting the individual through this journey will be a network of quality-assured learning and development opportunities that will allow an individual to choose the right learning options for them in terms of prior knowledge, learning preferences and lifestyles. These learning opportunities will provide the tools and confidence for individuals to demonstrate their competence in the role whilst in a real  working environment.

Once an individual has demonstrated competence they can be awarded a formal qualification, if entering a new role, or be granted a suitable professional status if excelling in an existing role, for example “chartered practitioner”. All competent individuals would then be able to sit on a national database with access to more learning and development through a thriving community of practice, which will support them in maintaining and increasing their competence.

A national database would also give assurances to parents, employers, clubs and insurers that these individuals are competent and safe to practice.

For more information on the consultation please contact Spencer Moore on: spencer.moore@cimspa.co.uk