FAQs – CIMSPA members

How does this affect my current membership?
Your current membership is still valid and is not affected.

What do I need to do to retain my CIMSPA membership?
Continue to keep up to date with your continuing professional development – always ensure your CPD is recognised by CIMSPA.

FAQ – Learners

Is my qualification valid for membership?
If you are undertaking a CIMSPA endorsed qualification it will be eligible for membership. See our partnership directory (search by awarding organisation partner) to find endorsed qualifications.

FAQ – Employers

What does this mean for my current employees?
New employees will need to successfully complete a CIMSPA-endorsed qualification that provides access to membership.

What will this mean for current qualifications?
See our list of recognised "entry to membership" qualifications here.

As long as a qualification is listed on this directory, it will provide access to membership. There will also be a transitional period during which a qualification will continue to provide access to membership whilst awarding organisation develop the next generation of that qualification.

Will my staff need to retake a qualification?

  • Not to retain their CURRENT membership status.
  • Going forwards, to achieve a HIGHER membership status (process under development), your staff will need to gain new CIMSPA-recognised qualifications.

FAQs – Training providers

How do I get involved with the development of new standards?
If your organisation is a CIMSPA skills development partner you will have the opportunity to be involved.

Which organisations have been involved in standards development?
See our acknowledgements page HERE

What happens if I don't get involved?
Employers are increasingly only accepting CIMSPA-recognised qualifications, training and CPD for their teams. Your training products need to be on THIS list!