Shelley Dell

Personal statement 


I have worked within the industry for 17 years, and I still love every day as if it were my first. I have been fortunate in my career and have enjoyed many roles ranging from Fitness Coach, Group Ex Coordinator, Retention Coach, Tutor to Regional Manager. My journey has allowed me to grow as a Fitness professional as well as an individual, every day learning something new to take back and to give back. I feel I am in a very fortunate position to be able to inspire teams, users, strategies, businesses all in a positive way to help people make better health and lifestyle choices as an end objective. A core value of mine is making a difference, this is the driving force behind personal and career choices and I feel I am equipped with many attributes to contribute both effectively and professionally. I am extremely passionate about the impact our industry has, not only on the present nation, but also on the future. We have a huge opportunity to provide support to our struggling health authorities through great programming, education and evidence-based service execution. We also have a great opportunity of creating the future workforce for our industry thus driving standards, experiences and learning opportunities are as important as the facilities in which we deliver. There are many challenges to overcome but in thinking differently, forever developing as a person and learning from every experience, I believe in the today and future.

Personal vision

We have to deliver professionalism to be considered and recognized as such. For years I have believed in the many inspirational leaders and employees that already exist within leisure, driven by their own passion and belief in the magic this industry can achieve. I see CIMSPA being the integral driving force of creating professional recognition from both within and outside of the sector. Ensuring that education and development is relevant, up to date and consistent whilst also being innovative. The sector needs to be inclusive recognizing the changing needs of both individuals and society as a whole. The generational shift is already making a huge impact on the consumer behaviours, and importantly their interactions with health, leisure and fitness. These changes need to align with any professional body to ensure its growth and sustainability for the foreseeable future. Being a part of the decisions effecting standards, training, service and outcome is an exciting prospect and whether successful in my application, will continue to be high on my agenda. The power behind the changes already achieved by CIMSPA, will continue to have the positive impact on the health of the nation, the NHS, partnerships with Sport England and ukactive, will equally in the evidence of both practice and delivery, supporting the charter for professionalism.

CIMSPA members eligible to vote will be able to either:

  • Vote online 20 August – 12 noon 13 September (you will receive details by email of how to vote)
  • Vote in person at the CIMSPA AGM on 18 September 2018.