CIMSPA would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for contributing to the development of our professional standards. 

CIMSPA professional development board

  • Richard Millard (chair): Places for People Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Jeff Lynch (vice chair): GLL (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Harvey Gosling: Everyone Active (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Pip Werbinski: Virgin Active (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Chris Foster: Nuffield Health (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Dean Horridge: Fit for Sport (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • James Duncan: Fusion Lifestyle (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Karen Todd: David Lloyd
  • Chris Fennell: Watford Borough Council (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Phil Rumbelow: Jubilee Hall Trust (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Kevin Wright: [EN]GAGE fitness (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Duncan Anderson: South Downs Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Les Howie: The Football Association
  • Vicky Williams: Lawn Tennis Association
  • Dave Marshall: British Gymnastics
  • Seat vacant: Swim England/ASA Awarding Body (CIMSPA awarding organisation)
  • Heather Sinclair: The Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS)
  • Caroline Fraser: Sport England
  • Steve Ward: ukactive
  • Emma Atkins: UK Coaching
  • Justin Varney: Public Health England
  • Marcus Kingwell: Association of Colleges
  • Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) (representing skills development partners)
  • Federation of Awarding Bodies (representing awarding organisations)  

Members of the community sport professional development committee:

Acknowledging the organsations and individuals who contributed their expertise to the development of the sector's coaching professional standards.

In particular, CIMSPA would like to thank Dean Horridge, CEO and Founder of Fit For Sport and member of the sport and physical activity sector Professional Development Board.

  • Emma Atkins, David Turner, Steve McQuaid and Mat Glasson: UK Coaching (CIMSPA sector partner)
  • Emily Reynolds: Youth Sport Trust
  • Jack Shakespeare: ukactive (CIMSPA sector partner)
  • Andrew Heald: Premier Education Group
  • Eamonn Ellis: Fit for Sport (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Stuart Armstrong: Sport England (CIMSPA funding partner)
  • Steven Caldecott & Nicky Scott: AfPE
  • David Marshall: British Gymnastics
  • James Duncan & Matthew Houghton: Fusion (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Lewis Field: SCL (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Barry Cawte: GLL (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Warren Smyth: AC Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Sam Kirk: Oxley Sports Centre (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Simon Kirkland: Sports Structures (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Paul Thornton: 1st4sport Qualifications (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Will Atterbury: Planet Sport
  • Chris Sharman: Challenger Sports
  • James Trowman: Aspire Sports
  • Hannah Crane: Streetgames
  • Lee Povah: National Schools Training

CIMSPA leisure operations professional development committee

STANDARDS: Recreation Assistant, Swimming Teacher, Lifeguard

  • Jeff Lynch, Emma Lewis & Mac Cleves: GLL (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Harvey Gosling, Jacqui Tilman & Richard Chatwin: Everyone Active (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • James Duncan: Fusion Lifestyle (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Jon Whiteley: Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Richard Roeton: Everybody Sport and Recreation (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Tim Spencer: Erewash Borough Council (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Claire Brisbourne: Swimming Teachers Association (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner) 
  • Lee Buck: Active IQ (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner) 
  • Martin Symcox: IQL UK  (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner) 
  • Nick Worsey: ICON Training (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Chris Beck: Lifetime Training (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Paul Smith: Brighton Swim School (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Sue McGrath: Parkwood Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Jon Glenn, Frances Gibbs & Simon Stevens: Swim England/ASA Awarding Body (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner) 
  • Rebecca Cox: The Institute of Swimming (CIMSPA skills development partner)

CIMSPA exercise and fitness professional development committee

STANDARDS: Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Core Group Exercise Instructor 

  • Nick Green and Sean McBurney: Nuffield Health (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Pip Werbinski: Virgin Active
  • James Duncan: Fusion Lifestyle (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Elaine Denton: David Lloyd Leisure.
  • David McLean: Edinburgh Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Joe Oliver: Your Personal Trainer (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Kevin Wright: [En]gage (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Tom Desborough: Barnsley Premier Leisure (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Karen Stanton: ROKO (CIMSPA employer partner)
  • Lee Buck: Active IQ (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Vicky Mose: YMCA Awards (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Emma Goode: Innovate Awarding (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Chris Fox: NCFE (CIMSPA awarding organisation partner)
  • Pete Banbury: HPT5
  • Elaine Briggs: Future Fit Training (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Sarah Dumford: Les Mills UK (CIMSPA skills development partner)
  • Emma Forward: EMD UK (CIMSPA skills development partner)

Members of the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CSPU) Safeguarding Knowledge and Skills Group

  • Jude Toseland: The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) (CIMSPA sector partner)
  • David Turner: UK Coaching (CIMSPA sector partner)
  • Damian Smith: North Yorkshire Sport 
  • Ashlee Byrne: British Equestrian Federation
  • Kath Bennett: Rugby Football Union
  • Freddie Collier: Archery GB
  • Jayne Wilson: Lancashire Sport 
  • Marc Scott: The Anne Craft Trust 
  • Karen Jones: Active Devon
  • Michelle Draper: National Ice Skating Association
  • Liz Behnke: Syzygy Leisure


CIMSPA would like to thank the following organisations for sourcing photography used in the CIMSPA professional standards matrix. 

  • Fusion Lifestyle
  • IQL UK
  • Erewash Borough Council
  • AoC Sport
  • Swim England
  • Kirklees Active Leisure 
  • Warwick Independent School